Camilla’s ‘important’ work hailed after speech on ‘horrors of abuse’: ‘Valuable!’

Camilla makes speech about sexual violence against women

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The Duchess of Cornwall delivered a moving speech at the Shameless! Festival reception in which she paid tribute to Sarah Everard and other women who had their lives “brutally ended”. Camilla described the victim impact statement read out by Sarah’s mother, Susan, in court as “searing” and stressed that the names of victims of violence against women would “never be forgotten”. On Wednesday night, the Duchess said: “Each one of these women endured unimaginable torment ‒ and their loved ones who are left behind continue to suffer in the wake of their deaths.”

She explained that, on the same day Sarah’s killer, Wayne Couzens, was arrested, a survey was published stating that 86 percent of young women in the UK had been sexually harassed in a public space.

Camilla also added that a crime survey for England and Wales showed that 144,000 women were victims of rape or attempted rape in the past year.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s moving speech, delivered to an audience which included Carrie Johnson, was described as “brilliant” by a royal commentator.

Mr Fitzwilliams told “Look at the brilliant speech she made about the horrors of abuse, women being abused, raped and how so many felt shame and were silent.

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“It was a superb speech.

“So [the Duchess’] causes are very important.”

Camilla said she hoped Shameless! Festival, a one-day event which brings together activism and art to change attitudes towards sexual violence, would help create a world free from violence against women.

Camilla supports over 90 charities as patron or President.

Her charity work varies across several themes including literacy, sexual and domestic abuse, animals and the arts.

The Duchess of Cornwall will also join her husband, Charles, as well as Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge at the COP26 climate summit next week.

Mr Fitzwilliams added that the Duchess has become a “very valuable” member of the Firm since she wedded Charles in 2005.

He said: “Issues such as reading, issues such as abuse, she’s done very well in quite a quiet way ‒ she’s persisting, beginning with osteoporosis.

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“There is no question that she’s very valuable, and [makes] a very valuable contribution.

“But also of course as an ideal partnership with the Prince.”

Camilla reportedly first met Charles in 1970 and the couple have since overcome adversity within the Royal Family and among the public.

In the Nineties reports of the couple’s affair while the Prince of Wales was married to Princess Diana caused public opinion to turn against Camilla.

In turn the Duchess of Cornwall was given a less than warm reception among some when she married the heir apparent in 2005.

However she has worked hard to repair her reputation over the past 16 years with a number of charitable endeavours.

Mr Fitzwilliams claimed that Diana’s frequent presence in the news cycle means that there will always be a portion of society that is “far from enamoured” with Camilla.

He said: ““Here’s the problem ‒ that anything to do with Diana, which is constantly in the news, does bring back past memories.

“The past decades, and this brings back Diana, will mean obviously that there will always be a section of society that are far from enamoured with Camilla. 

“That’s the way of the world.”

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