Can I see my partner in lockdown?

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Boris Johnson won a vote in Parliament yesterday to plunge England into a new national lockdown. The lockdown – the country’s third within a year – will force people to limit contact with friends or family for more than a month.

Can I see my partner in lockdown?

The first national lockdown came as a blow for couples across the UK, who had to forgo contact for months.

The stay at home order meant inter-household mingling was not possible until summer, and even then with limits.

The Government has issued the same stay at home order in 2021, with people not allowed to leave their property for any non-essential reason.

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Advice posted to Gov.UK states people cannot leave home by law unless participating in an “essential” activity.

Activities include going to buy food, exercise, travelling to work (if people can’t from home) or other vital duties.

Inter-household gatherings are only permitted if the constituents have already formed a bubble.

Bubbles came into effect in mid-2021 and will allow some couples to meet during the latest lockdown.

People can form a support bubble as long as they and a partner meet the following criteria:

  • They live alone
  • They are the only adult in a household who does not require sustained care (such as for a disability)
  • Their household includes a child under the age of one
  • Their household includes a child under the age of five with a disability who needs continuous care
  • They are aged 16 or 17 living with others of the same age and without adults
  • They are a single adult living with one or more children under 18

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Using these criteria, people could arrange to meet a partner.

Policy posted to Gov.UK states people can use the bubbles to stay overnight with other constituents if they wish.

But those who fall outside will have to wait to see their better halves.

The Government has also asked people to consider with care who they include in their bubbles.

They state: “If you form a support bubble, it is best if this is with a household who live locally.

“This will help prevent the virus spreading from an area where more people are infected.”

Ministers have issued a provisional end date for the restrictions in mid-February.

But much like last time, this will end up subject to the situation when the time comes.

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