Can Ukrainians arriving in the UK apply to the council for housing?

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Once you’ve arrived in the UK, the easiest way to find somewhere to live is through the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

You’ll be matched with a sponsor who will provide everything you need to thrive in the UK, including a kitchen, bathroom, heating, electricity, and a safe environment.

You won’t need to share a room with anyone else, unless you’re cohabiting partners, a parent with a child, or same-gender siblings aged over 10.

Your sponsor will house you for at least six months after you first arrive, so there’s no need to immediately panic.

After the six months are up, you could agree with your sponsor to stay exactly where you are for however long you’d like. Alternatively, you might want to move out and start living on your own – and the local council can help with that.

Once you’ve officially left the Homes for Ukraine scheme, you’ll be eligible for housing costs support via housing benefit or Universal Credit.

Housing Benefit is designed for anyone that’s reached state pension age, which is currently at least 66 years old. The benefit, which is provided by the government, helps you to pay your rent if you’re unemployed or on low income.

Meanwhile, if you’re in working age and on a low income, Universal Credit is the place to look.

Housing payments will be paid as part of your Universal Credit allowance, and will help you to pay for rent with a private landlord. Alternatively, you can use your Universal Credit housing benefit to cover council housing.

Can I apply to the council for housing?

Absolutely! Each council has its own rules, and you might have to join a waiting list, but you can apply for housing.

You’ll need to be at least 18 years old, although some councils will let you apply at 16.

Housing is allocated on a priority order, with preference given to anyone that’s homeless, living in cramped conditions, or has a medical condition made worse by their current living situation.

Simply head over to to submit your application right away.

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