Charles urged to ‘leave Harry at home’ for Coronation or appear ‘weak’

King Charles speaks with guests at Buckingham Palace

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King Charles III will be “weak and unconvincing” if he apologises to Meghan and Harry or invites them to his Coronation in May, a senior royal commentator has said. Angela Levin, one of Prince Harry’s unofficial biographers, said the King has the potential to be a “great monarch” but will get off to a “bad start” if he does either of these.

Prince Harry is likely to be given an official invite to the Coronation but whether he actually goes is another matter. King Charles has been reportedly putting in effort to get Harry’s attendance across the line.

He is said to have asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to help negotiate a deal between the father and son to allow Harry to attend.

But Harry’s attendance at the event is still uncertain and when he has spoken about it, he has remained ambivalent. Talking to ITV’s Tom Bradby about the possibility of attending, he said the “ball is in their court” and that “there’s a lot to be discussed”.

Many of Harry’s critics, including Ms Levin, think he shouldn’t be invited at all.

She wrote in an article she penned for Sky News Australia: “I believe the King will be a great monarch but he mustn’t give into Harry and Meghan’s demands, which will make him look weak and unconvincing.

“His image as well as his reign begins with the coronation, so he must leave Harry at home.”

Charles previously offered Harry an olive branch, which some viewed as a sign he his open to reconciliation after all the criticisms Harry has thrown at the Royal Family.

The King has also offered Harry a “high profile seating position” as an incentive to go to the event, a source told the Mail On Sunday.

Ms Levin argued Charles’ openness to reconcile with Prince Harry is undeserved because of his son’s disloyalty.

She said: “Harry is no longer loyal to his family. Instead he insults them.

“He claims his father doesn’t show emotion and presents Queen Consort Camilla as a villain, which he knows would upset him and is incidentally untrue.”

She added that Harry has so far “overstepped the mark of decent behaviour” and argued all the wealth and privilege royalty gave him “count for nothing”.

This week, it was reported the King believes Meghan and Harry’s absence would be more of a distraction from the awe-inspiring ceremony than if they were there.

But Prince William is tipped to be less welcoming to the idea of Harry receiving an invite.

He is understood to be concerned Harry will stage a PR “stunt” to overshadow the event.

Levin added: “Who can blame him.

“Knowing his brother won’t answer back, Harry has used his contemptable book Spare to tell the world that William was circumcised.”

The public is also divided on the issue. A new poll by Ipsos Mori on behalf of the Evening Standard showed two thirds of people would like to see the Duke attend the Westminster Abbey ceremony.

However, 30 percent disagree and think he should keep away following his criticisms of the Royal Family in his book Spare and in his public interviews.

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