Chinese buffet restaurant bans diners over ‘very rude’ TripAdvisor review

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The Gurkha in Blackpool, Lancashire, was slated on the popular website in a one-star review. The diner claimed their party was “moved tables halfway through the meal” but owners of the all-you-can-eat establishment branded the critique “unfair” and “written out of spite”.

Bosses told the guest they were “no longer welcome” at the restaurant, near the iconic South Pier in the seaside town.

The review said: “We were greeted at the door woman behind the reception desk very rude and abrupt told we had to move tables halfway through the meal as the table was then booked, food was nowhere near as good as it has been in the past, very VERY disappointed.”

But, as Lancs Live reports, The Gurkha was unhappy with the critique.

The reply read: “We are sorry to hear you did not enjoy your recent dining experience at The Gurkha. The receptionist did inform me on the situation, however, we did not expect to receive a poor review from you as you did not complain at the time or report it to the Manager.

“We are also sorry that you felt the receptionist was rude and abrupt – unfortunately with English being her second language, we do understand it can sometimes be perceived this way.

“We apologise for asking you to move tables 50 minutes in, however, please be reminded that we were actually asking you to move to a bigger, nicer and more private table by the window. To compensate for the inconvenience, we even informed you that you could stay longer past the 90-minute dining limit, to which you declined. In fact, a woman from your group told us “no it’s okay, we’re finished anyway”. This led us to believe you were all fine with this, especially with us being a buffet where customers are required to stand up, move about and help themselves anyway, so it would have been just a matter of returning to a different table (which was close by).

“We believe this review is unfair, written out of spite and doesn’t reflect a true version of events of the evening. You had every opportunity to complain but you did not, nor did you mention anything about the quality of the food when paying your bill. In future, we hope you will allow restaurants to deal with any issues you may have first before writing a harmful and negative review online. Please also be informed you are no longer welcome at The Gurkha.

“We hope you have a nice day.”

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