Choirs to perform in Irish train stations to raise money for homelessness this Christmas

Irish choirs will perform in a number of train stations across the country this December in a bid to raise funds for homelessness before Christmas.

Focus Ireland have teamed up with Irish Rail to launch their ‘#HomeForChristmas’ campaign, aiming to raise money with the help of commuters as they make their way home after work.

Dublin-based choir Corus launched the campaign in Heuston Station yesterday morning with a variety of Christmas carols, explaining that they wouldn’t let Storm Diana “dampen spirits”.

A spokesperson for Irish Rail said that the campaign was inspired by commuters heading home to a house that they may often “take for granted”, and asks people to think of those who don’t have a home this Christmas.

“As you head home on the train from a regular day at work or perhaps doing a bit of early Christmas shopping in town, you are making a journey you have made many times. The journey home,” the statement said.

“All of us can sometimes take our own home for granted. Not everyone has this security. Sadly, almost 10,000 people are homeless nationwide right now. Shockingly, nearly 4,000 are children.”

The charity’s Life President Sister Stan described the terrible impact being homeless has on children, particularly at Christmas time.

“It really breaks my heart to know that some of these children have been born into homelessness. Some of them will spend their first Christmas with their family forced to live in one little room together.

“They are our children too and we have a duty as a society to provide a safe home for them. We have a duty to protect the childhoods of these children and to make sure they do not suffer from being homeless for long periods of time.”

According to Focus Ireland, the charity have helped some 13,000 people from January to the end of September this year and have worked with 350 families in escaping homelessness.

Irish Rail have opened an option on their website for a small donation to be made while booking train tickets this month, or donations can be made directly to Focus Ireland.

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