Christmas miracle as woman is cured of Brussels sprout phobia

Brussels sprouts: Woman takes on phobia on This Morning

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A woman was cured of her phobia of Brussels sprouts in a TV Christmas miracle. This Morning guest Kerstin Shepherd appeared on the show to speak to therapists Nik and Eva Speakman to overcome her festive fear. The couple dug to the bottom of the problem saying Kerstin was “wrestling and fighting” with her fear which began was Kerstin was six or seven.

Kerstin labelled her phobia “ridiculous”, telling the Speakmans that if any Brussels sprout was on her plate she would “have to have a clean plate”.

Speaking on the hit daytime TV show Kerstin said: “I can’t actually define a particular moment, there isn’t any one particular event.

“It’s just something that’s built up over a period in my young childhood.

“If there is a Brussels sprout, or one amongst my food, I can’t eat anything on that plate. No, no, no. I have to have a clean plate.

“I cannot abide it…. It renders everything else inedible.”

Meeting the therapist couple, who regularly cure unusual phobias, Kerstin said she tried to cure the fear by spending a year building herself up to eat one Brussels sprout.

But being served a spaghetti bolognese with a pile of sprouts on top set her back.

On the show, a lone Brussels sprout was brought out on a plate which Kerstin knew she was “expected to eat”.

However, when a full plate was brought out she said it was “too much”.

An even fuller plate was brought out and Kerstin began shaking.

Speaking on being cured she said: “It would make things an awful lot easier.

“I actually feel ridiculous, because people think it’s ridiculous or it’s a joke.”

Later on in the show, the three returned to see if the Speakmans had managed to cure the fear.

Nik said: “This comes down initially to school dinners. Everyone in the class had to finish the plate. It was the pressure.

Presented again with a plate of sprouts Kerstin said: “My palms are not sweating. I’m feeling a lot more comfortable.”

She was even able to eat some and admitted while she has “a little bit of processing to do”, she no longer had the sick feeling when confronted with the veg.

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