‘Clear breach of trust! Expert slams ‘daft’ Palace for keeping Queen hospital visit silent

Queen: Palace 'breached trust' over hospital visit says Jobson

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Speaing to GB News on Friday Robert Jobson added how it was “daft” of Buckingham Palace to try and keep the news of The Queen’s overnight stay in hospital under wraps by claiming she was resting, as he argued the lie has only created more speculation and concern about The Queen.

Mr Jobson explained that in his 30-years of covering the royals you learn to listen and gauge what the Palace is saying but  you “don’t expect them to actually lie”.

He said: “They shouldn’t say she is somewhere resting when she is actually in hospital having tests.

“She is the Head of state, there is a responsibility there and it is a clear breach of trust!”

He added how he understood why the Palace decided to make an excuse as they wanted to dumb down publicity of the hospital visit.

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But he was clear that the major issue with the palace’s approach is that the “full picture was not given” on The Queen’s health which he said in today’s world of 24/7 news “somebody is going to find out” the palace have misled the public. 

Mr Jobson added: “It is a daft thing to do at the very least and I don’t think it is very responsible either.”

He suggested the move to create an alternative story “creates a sense that they are trying to cover up something” that may to be as bad as what people are now assuming.

The royal expert added how he thought “they have probably made a mistake” before saying the move runs deeper for those that cover the Royal Family.

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He said: “I think it is also unfair journalistically because if you are told by the Palace and you trust them that the Queen is at home resting, you don’t make other enquiries.

“And all the time when the Palace say something, you continue to make other enquires with other people because you want to check the truth is actually out there.”

But in a spectacular shut down, the royal expert added: “It is a clear breach of trust! I have not been lied to by Buckingham Palace in the past and I think this was a sleazy thing to do!

“The next time someone tells me at the Palace that she is absent and fine, I’m not going to believe it!”

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It comes as Queen Elizabeth II, 95, spent Thursday night in London’s King Edward VII’s Hospital after health fears led her to cancel her tour to Northern Ireland.

In a statement on Thursday, Buckingham Palace said: “Following medical advice to rest for a few days, the Queen attended hospital on Wednesday afternoon for some preliminary investigations, returning to Windsor Castle at lunchtime today, and remains in good spirits.”

It is understood the Queen was due to stay in hospital for only a short period while seen by specialists, so the development was not announced by the Palace at the time, and protecting her medical privacy was also a consideration to why the Palace decided to say she was resting.

The Queen’s admittance was her first overnight stay in hospital since she spent a night at the private clinic in 2013 when she was treated for the symptoms of gastroenteritis.

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