Clearing 2022: How to apply for a place – which universities use Clearing?

Education: What is expected from the 2022 exam results?

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Today’s A-level results day saw 180,000 students – the first to sit exams since 2019 – claim their top university choices. The encouraging figures also showed a general drop in the highest grades attained as Government ministers reduced pandemic-era inflation. Education secretary James Cleverly said this morning that while most students would still claim their top university choice, a smaller proportion would still defer.

How do you apply via Clearing?

Clearing provides an option for students whose grades mean they have to defer their applications and search for a new place.

UCAS operates the system and uses data entered by students during their application process to match them with up to 50 similar vacant places at other universities.

Unplaced applicants can find these matches via a new button on their profile labelled “My matches”.

Clicking the button brings students to their list of matches, complete with the necessary tools to contact admissions teams.

Students can advertise their interest, and, provided they have the grades (and the university still has space), they may accept them.

Clearing allows students to declare their interest with multiple institutions, and they may receive more than one informal offer.

Once they have a selection, students can choose which offer they wish to finalise.

Which universities use Clearing?

While Clearing will match students with universities similar to their original applications, they can take the process into their own hands.

Those who want to look for something different can find courses themselves via Clearing’s search tool.

The tool allows them to find spaces by searching for specific courses, universities or areas where they would like to study.

Can you use Clearing if you have an offer?

Clearing is primarily for those who haven’t met the requirements for their chosen university, started their application after June 30, or still don’t have an accepted offer as of August 18.

Students can still use the platform if they have an offer, but only under two circumstances.

They will either need to pay a “multiple choice application fee” of £26.50 or decline their place beforehand.

How long is Clearing available?

Clearing works best as soon as possible after students receive their results, as universities often have limited space.

But UCAS will give them time to find informal offers and investigate potential placements before they make a final decision.

Students have until October 18 but may want to account for university term times, as most commence in September.

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