‘Collusion!’ Remainer insists Brexit vote was ‘contaminated’ by Putin’s ‘dirty tricks’

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During Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine programme Yasmin Alibhai-Brown hit out at the inaction of Boris Johnson and the UK Government following the report into Russia’s potential meddling into the Brexit referendum. Mr Vine stated that while there is no evidence that Russia did interfere in the referendum, the nation did have a motive to influence the result. 

Mr Vine said: “The Government says there is no evidence of successful Russian interfience in the EU referendum but the result was so close and we know about Russia and the US election processes, maybe you’re starting to worry that they did give Brexit a push?

“They would have the motive wouldn’t they Yasmin?”

Ms Alibhai-Brown replied: “Yes certainly, I think one of the most telling things is active avoidance that translates roughly to collusion, silent collusion.

“They did not want to know, the Prime Minister did not want to publish this report.

“He does not want an inquiry even now.

“This is not just wishing not to know, this is something more serious than that.

“I do believe that the Brexit vote was contaminated by some illegality and some dirty tricks.”

Yesterday Dominic Grieve called for a much more detailed investigation into Russia’s potential influence in the 2016 EU referendum.

The Remainer told Sky News’ Adam Boulton that he was not attributing the blame to any individual but that somebody took their eye off the ball in order for Russia’s interference to be unnoticed.  

The former Attorney General demanded a much fuller investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 EU referendum.

Mr Grieve said: “I would simply say that somebody took their eye off the ball or didn’t actually ever put their eye on the ball in the first place and simply assumed that this was not an issue.

“I think it is an issue and indeed the evidence sits in terms of interference in other countries whether it is the United States or France.

“It is clear that this is a very serious issue.”

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Mr Boulton asked: “Do you think that was because there was reluctance to question the winning side in the referendum?

The former Conservative MP replied: “I have no idea and I wouldn’t wish to speculate on that one way or another.

“Clearly simply saying ‘that is in the past so we can forget about it’ I don’t think is an adequate response.

“Even now I think there should be a much fuller investigation into whether Russia did interfere in the 2016 referendum particularly through the internet which appears to be their classic method.

 “I am not attributing blame to any individual and I wouldn’t wish to do so.”

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