‘Completely deluded’ Lance Forman savages Brexit Party and Farage for risking no EU exit

Mr Forman announced his resignation from the party last week, spoke of his fear that they could not only split the Leave vote but risk putting Jeremy Corbyn in power. Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Forman also revealed how the series of errors the Brexit Party has made including the decision to reduce the candidate list and Mr Farage not even running in the election.

Mr Forman said: “It’s not about Brexit, it’s all about their egos.

“Farage makes his mind up and that’s what the party does.

“The Brexit Party just can’t see the wood for the trees.

“They’re scuppering the chance of Brexit and acting like a spoilt child.

“They’re completely deluded.”

Despite starting the campaign with a full list of candidates, Mr Farage made the move to stand down 317 candidates in what was termed as a non-aggression pact with the Tories.

Mr Farage carried out the pact in order not to split the vote in Tory seats and instead target Labour Leave seats.

According to the latest YouGov seat-by-sea poll, Mr Farage’s party is sitting at just three percent of the vote.

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Last week, Mr Forman was joined by Annunziata Rees-Mogg, Lucy Harris and John Longworth in leaving the party.

This week, candidate for Lincoln, Reece Wilkes join the four and announced his resignation from the party to make sure Brexit could be carried out.

Despite his fear the Leave vote could be split, Mr Forman did also praise Boris Johnson for trying to deliver Brexit to the public.

Insisting Mr Johnson is “passionate” for Brexit, Mr Forman predicted a bright future for the UK if there is a Tory majority.

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He said: “The future of the UK looks rosy under Boris.

“There is a wall of funding waiting to enter the country.”

In his final rally of the campaign, Mr Farage made his last plea to Leave voters.

He warned Leave-supporting Labour voters not to “waste” their vote come election day.

Although his party is predicted to have a poor polling day, Mr Farage declared that he believed some candidates will “get over the line”.

He concluded: “My appeal is to Leave voters in those constituencies that have been Labour forever – and will be Labour when you wake up on Friday morning – unless you use your vote tactically and sensibly.

“And to Leavers in those seats I say ‘Leavers, don’t waste your vote’.”

Away form the Brexit Party, Mr Johnson warned voters of the potential of another hung Parliament and therefore, more to delay to Brexit.

He said: “This is a very close-fought election, and we need every vote.

“The only mathematical alternative to a working majority for a Conservative government is the real, real risk of another hung parliament.

“That’s another five years of confusion, chaos, dither and delay.”

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