Constance Marten and lover spotted on CCTV moments before arrest

Constance Marten and Mark Gordon caught on doorbell camera

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Constance Marten and her partner Mark Gordon were caught on CCTV just moments before they were arrested with no baby in sight. The aristocrat, 35, and Mr Gordon, 48, were caught in Stanmer Villas, Brighton, after a 54 day manhunt for the pair. They went missing on January 5 with their newborn baby who is still yet to be found. Eyewitnesses told the Mirror how officers pinned Mr Gordon to the ground for up to 40 minutes as the manhunt came to an end with “shouting and struggling”.

The couple were arrested and held in custody on suspicion of gross negligence manslaughter as the search for their missing baby continues.

Police admit there is a “possibility the baby has come to harm” during the couple’s seven weeks on the run.

CCTV captured from a Brighton house on Monday evening shows the pair walking the streets without their baby moments before their arrest.

A neighbour told The Sun the duo walked by her house at 8.40pm with no shopping bags, then returned at 9.25pm carrying two bags of “lots of food” from a shop.

The mum-of-two said: “I thought it looked very odd for that time of night. Why would a man be carrying a large stick? They were wearing a lot of layers of clothes, as if they’d been out and about for a long time.

“He was shouting. It was yelling. He was very angry. He had this big stick which was random. He was shouting at her. He was animated. They were having an argument.”

She added: “I’m terrified for that poor baby. There was no sign of a baby when they came by.”

It is unclear what Mr Gordon is saying in the footage.

The couple were arrested after a tip off from the public at around 9.30pm as a tearful Constance yelled at police to “get off” her lover who had been pinned to the ground.

Allotment owner Cyril Holis, 29, said he was sleeping in his van when he witnessed the dramatic moment police arrived on the scene.

He said Ms Marten sat next to Mr Gordon on the floor as he was arrested.

He told the Mirror: “I was in the van – they got him at around 9pm. A couple of police were struggling to take him down and then a second car arrived. I looked out and saw them shouting and struggling.”


He added: “She was arrested as well but later on. She didn’t do anything she just kneeled next to him trying to calm the situation down. It was just stressful. She was saying, ‘Let him go’.”

Within half an hour, 10 police cars arrived at the allotment near Stanmer Villas, Brighton.

“There was a helicopter searching all night. They had bags of food with them. Big blue plastic bags like they had been to the foodbank.”

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