Cork man claims €1m prize month after Lotto draw – but is keeping new millionaire status secret

One Cork local is celebrating an early €1m Christmas present – but is in no hurry to share the news of his lucky Lotto win.

The man, who wishes to stay anonymous, is still processing the prize he scooped with a Quick Pick ticket.

“I hadn’t a clue that I had the winning ticket until last week,” he said as he collected his massive windfall earlier today.

“I heard that there was a win in Cork last month but it just didn’t register that it could be me.

“Somebody mentioned it in passing last week and it suddenly dawned on me to check my ticket. It was a huge shock to the system to realise I had just become a millionaire.”

The winning ticket was purchased on October 24 at the Costcutters Store at the N20 Mallow Plaza on the Limerick Road in Mallow.

However, the millionaire punter did not claim the prize after his numbers were pulled in the Lotto Plus draw.

“To be honest, I haven’t fully comprehended how this win will change my life. I am very close to my family and it is very difficult to keep a life-changing win like this from loved ones but I am looking forward to telling them the news when it has fully sank in,” he said.

“I am already making long-term plans for my winnings so I might have a few nice surprises up my sleeve for them very soon”.

Tonight’s Lotto jackpot is heading for €4.5m.

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