Coronavirus Christmas: Boris Johnson’s plan for ‘normality’ over festive period explained

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Dr Chris Smith revealed the ways the Boris Johnson’s Government could address the calls for normality over the Christmas period during the coronavirus pandemic. While speaking on BBC News, Dr Smith argued the Government was aware of the growing frustration regarding coronavirus restrictions. He said the Government could outline what their plan is for the festive period and this could include reducing restrictions for a short period of time.

BBC host Dan Walker said: “When you see that SAGE is calling for more drastic action now, I know there are lots of people watching thinking we would love to do something at Christmas.

“But with that in mind, that doesn’t look particularly likely does it?”

Dr Smith agreed and highlighted the importance of the UK Government communicating well with the public in getting them to follow restrictions.

He said: “You can try all you like to put into place public health measures but if you don’t take the public with you, you might as well not bother.

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“The Government know this and they know you have got to have public support.”

Dr Smith highlighted one of the best ways to win public support was to explain Christmas coronavirus plans.

He continued: “The Government could say to people, this is our mission, between now and Christmas we want to do the following things.

“Let us get the numbers down and for over Christmas, I don’t know for sure as I am not on the inside, however.

“Perhaps one possibility is that there may be a loosening or slackening of restrictions over a limited period of time, so that some degree of Christmas could take place.”

Dr Smith also revealed the difficulties of trying to do this during the current state of the country in the fight against coronavirus.

He said: “If you did that, you would obviously have to say to people, you have got to use your common sense.

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“If you have got vulnerable members of your family, don’t invite them over.

“Perhaps it would be better to do a digital Christmas for them.

“But for those who do not think they are unwell, don’t think they are at high risk, perhaps there could be a limited gathering in that respect.

“It might be that in order to restore some degree of normality, at least for a period of time, that could be an approach.”

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