Coronavirus: Heathrow boss says social distancing in airports would mean kilometre-long boarding queues

Social distancing at airports would mean kilometre-long queues to board each jumbo jet, Heathrow’s chief executive has said.

John Holland-Kaye warned the UK’s major airports do not have enough space for social distancing to be a solution to safe travel after the coronavirus lockdown ends.

“Forget social distancing, it won’t work in aviation or any other form of public transport, and the problem is not the plane, it is the lack of space in the airport,” he wrote in the Daily Telegraph.

“Just one jumbo jet would require a queue a kilometre long.”

The world’s largest passenger plane, the A380 – used by many of the world’s airlines – seats about 500 passengers.

Instead of implementing social distancing at airports, Mr Holland-Kaye called on Boris Johnson to quickly find a “common international standard” of alternative solutions that could be ready by the summer.

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