Coronavirus: Husband says wife’s brain cancer progressed after her chemotherapy was stopped during lockdown

The husband of a woman with brain cancer said government has “failed” to look after people with illnesses other than COVID-19.

Emma Jenkinson, 31, had her chemotherapy treatment paused for three months over lockdown.

The heartbroken pair, who are parents to four children aged 11, nine, four and two, have now found out the disease has progressed and is likely resistant to further chemo.

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Her husband Andrew Jenkinson told Kay Burley: “The system has failed Emma, and a lot of people like her.

“For me personally the government have tied the hands of the NHS.

“There is not enough people on the ground to carry on these treatments.

“They’ve been concentrating far too much on COVID-19 and forgetting about the other people.

“It’s heartbreaking they need to sort it out.”

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Mr Jenkinson said his wife was responding well to treatment when her chemotherapy was stopped just before lockdown after their children developed coughs and they couldn’t get a coronavirus test.

Emma became unwell over the next few months, on one occasion hitting her head and ending up in A&E with a cut.

He said: “We found out her cancer had progressed in May, and she went straight back on chemo and steroids.

“Last week she deteriorated again and had a scan. The cancer has progressed, the chemo has stopped working.

“Emma is giving up, she doesn’t feel like she has long left. It’s hard to watch.”

The family had hoped that surgery could be an option but they were told there are too many complications involved.

When asked what he would like to say to the Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Mr Jenkins said: “There is a lot I would like to say.

“The government keep saying they have done a fantastic job and saved thousands of lives.

“They have done a good job of saving people from COVID-19 but they have failed saving people from other diseases.

“They need to answer to this and can’t just sit back and praise themselves.”

Sky News has contacted the Department of Health for comment.

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