Coronavirus infection rate UK: What is the rate of infection for COVID-19 in the UK?

COVID-19 has arced through most of the world in 2020, causing an unprecedented global health catastrophe with thousands of casualties, millions in lockdown and billions in costs. The virus was facilitated by a high rate of infection at first, with people making regular contact with one another facilitating its spread.

What is the coronavirus rate of infection in the UK?

Rate of infection refers to the percentage of people in any given population who might contract a disease during circulation.

Experts calculate the percentage by dividing the number of infections by the number of people at risk of developing it.

According to graphs from Austrian health minister Rudolf Anschober, the rate has hovered around roughly two to three percent in Europe.


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In the UK, however, the rate has exceeded some countries in the bloc by nearly three times.

Announcing the new figures in a press conference, Mr Anschober revealed the country’s “frightening” rate of 7.5 percent.

Several countries, amongst them Spain and Italy, have reported a gradual decline in cases, which without UK outliers would suggest the virus is receding from the continent.

Dr Hans Kluge, World Health Organisation director for Europe, said COVID-19 has survived in several European boltholes, singling out Britain, Belarus and Russia.

He said: “Of the 10 countries in the region with the highest numbers of cases, there have been optimistic signs in terms of the climbing numbers in Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Switzerland in recent weeks.

“But small positive signals in some countries are tempered by sustained or increased levels of incidents in other countries, including in the UK, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.”

Dr Kluge added the bloc is in the midst of a “storm”.

He said: “The next few weeks will be critical for Europe.”

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“Make no mistake – despite the spring weather, we are in the middle of a storm.”

Dr Kluge’s warnings come as Foreign secretary Dominic Raab announced the UK would remain in lockdown for another three weeks.

Speaking in the government’s daily press conference yesterday, he said restrictions would remain until at least May 7, after which another review would take place.

Mr Raab said the country is “at a delicate and dangerous stage of this pandemic” and outlined the five factors determining when the lockdown might end.


They are:

  • Confidence the NHS can provide sufficient critical care and specialist treatment to people in the UK
  • A sustained and consistent fall in the daily coronavirus death rate, indicating the country has passed the peak
  • Advice from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) indicating the infection rate is manageable
  • NHS PPE and testing capacity needs have been met and will continue to meet demand
  • No evidence a second peak could overwhelm the NHS in the future

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