Coronavirus latest: Pandemic FREEZES job appliations as graduates fear the worst

New research has shown the coronavirus pandemic has massively effected graduates, with most students are worried about how Covid-19 might affect their university marks and their prospects.

According to the survey, most graduates feel under pressure due to uncertainty caused by the ongoing outbreak.

Graduates need to be supported so they can enter the right careers and help rebuild a badly-affected economy, the Bright Network said.

The survey, made up of more than 5,000 students, found that 80% of this year’s graduates are worried that coronavirus will affect their grades.

Up to 83 percent feel under more pressure because of uncertainty prompted by the pandemic.

Some 63 percent of students said their applications had been put on pause or withdrawn because of the virus.

Results showed the market for graduate jobs has slowed significantly since the onset of the crisis.

This has massively impacted the confidence of recent graduates into securing the jobs they want.

Results showed just under half of would-be graduates were confident of securing a job before the pandemic.

JUST IN: Coronavirus symptoms updated as patients suffer strokes

However, that has now dropped to one third, the survey suggested.

James Uffindell is the founder of the organisation, which aims to connect young people from all backgrounds with the world’s leading employers.

Mr Uffindell said graduates need support as they prepare to enter the workplace in the wake of the pandemic.

He said: “In these uncertain times, graduates need all the help they can get to understand what the opportunities are, and how best to find them.

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“It’s incumbent on universities, employers and services like ours to step up our support to ensure graduates are getting into the right careers – helping to rebuild an economy that will have been severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.”

The news comes as new research suggested there could be new symptoms for GPs to look out for when identifying patients with the coronavirus.

A seperate study found that patients with COVID-19 have also suffered strokes and other neurological symptoms, according to a new scientific study.

The study is the first to analyse the effects of the disease on the brain.

Results found that neurological effects were seen in just over a third of all cases of hospitalised COVID-19 patients.

This affected more than 45 percent of those with severe infections.

The study was carried out by researchers at Huazhong University in Wuhan, and the Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona.

The team analysed cases in Wuhan in China, the original epicentre of the outbreak.

They used cases between 16 January and 19 February – including 214 hospitalised patients whose diagnoses were laboratory-confirmed.

Just over a third of these patients, 78 (36.4 percent), had neurological symptoms as well as respiratory symptoms.

It isn’t yet clear if the coronavirus is causing the strokes directly, or if this is a result of the body’s inflammatory response.

Leading neurologists say more research is needed.

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