Coronavirus: Mass test instead of Eat Out to Help out, blasts football chief

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The chief executive officer of Prenetics, which leads Premier League and English Cricket testing, said regular Covid checks should be available to everyone, not just elite sports professionals. He said the cost of mass testing would be outweighed by the benefit to the economy of staff being able to return to work.

Mr Lasarow said: “We join the call on the government to take up the move to voluntary mass testing to help Britain get back to work and play. 

“The fact is we could deliver this for well under the subsidy offered for two pub lunches a month, to the highest scientific standards. 

“Seventy percent of us are asymptomatic carriers, so this is the only way forward, the ‘seat belt’ that will get us out of this crisis.”

Tory former health secretary Jeremy Hunt, ex-party leader Lord Hague and Labour former PM Tony Blair have joined forces to call for mass testing and the results recorded in a passport-style document showing an individual’s coronavirus status.

Mr Hunt said: “Having the confidence to return to work and for consumers to interact with businesses is now a must, but it can only be achieved by learning to live alongside the virus. Short of a safe vaccine, mass testing is the only way to realise this.”

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