Coronavirus: Meet the residents living on ‘lockdown road’ in Leeds

This is an ordinary street in an ordinary city in extraordinary times.

Just like millions around the UK, residents living on a road in Leeds are dealing with life in lockdown.

Several households on the street are keeping video diaries for Sky News, and will be sharing their experiences in the days and weeks ahead.

Number 11

Name: Saf (aka) Faji

Age: 34

Occupation: Property Agent

Saf, known by everyone as Faji, lives with his mother and two sisters. He works in the property business doing up houses and renting them out, but that’s come to a halt during the lockdown.

Builders aren’t working, suppliers are shut and one of Faji’s tenants says they can’t pay the rent as they are out of work. He’s navigating his way through this and letting off steam by getting fit in the outdoor gym he’s created in the garden of number 11.

He helps out in the community going shopping for the family and other residents who need help. Faji isn’t taking any risks – he’s got gloves and wears masks when he goes out into the community.

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