Coronavirus: NHS worker ‘evicted from his home over landlady’s fears’

An NHS worker claims he has been evicted from his home by text because his landlady is “super nervous” about coronavirus.

Bristol paramedic Joseph Hoar said he was told to leave his home and find somewhere else to live because of his job.

He tweeted a screenshot of a message exchange with his landlady, and wrote in the accompanying post that he could no longer work his 12-hour night shift due to the decision.

“So that means one less paramedic on the road”, he wrote.

In the message, the landlady said she was “super nervous” about “having someone from the NHS here”.

She ordered him to “organise an Airbnb and collect your stuff tomorrow” before adding: “Sorry I normally would never do this but it’s not worth the risk”.

Mr Hoar’s tweet was retweeted and liked thousands of times, with many social media users claiming the landlady’s request was illegal.

One person replied: “That is illegal to do – contact your MP I am sure that we can get you somewhere to stay in the mean time”.

Another advised: “If you have a tenancy then stay put, seek further legal advice.”

Sky News has contacted Mr Hoar for comment.

Having announced mortgage breaks for homeowners last week, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a £1bn package for renters by increasing housing benefit and Universal Credit.

He said the welfare payments’ “generosity” would be increased to allow the local housing allowance to cover at least 30% of market rents.

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