Coronavirus rates falling in Europe but UK still bucking trend

The deadly spread of coronavirus within the UK is why Europe is still ‘in the eye of the Covid-19 storm’ – despite many nations reporting falling infection rates.

In countries across the world the spread of the deadly virus is slowing or levelling off as the effects of locking down half the planet’s population take hold.

Data marking the daily infection rates that had previously shown startling increases are beginning to stabilise.

Europe’s coronavirus hotspots, Italy and Spain, have managed to get a handle on soaring infection rates as the contagion there tumbles after a month under strict lockdown procedures. Even in the USA, which has the most recorded coronavirus deaths, the speed of the spread is slowing.

The decline of infection rates around the continent have been seen as an ‘optimistic sign’ by World Health Organisation’s director for Europe, Dr Hans Kluge, but he warned good measures were being cancelled out by disastrous results elsewhere.

In addition to the crisis in the UK, Dr Kluge said the likes of Belarus and Russia were also areas of concern.

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He said: ‘Of the 10 countries in the region with the highest numbers of cases, there have been optimistic signs in terms of the climbing numbers in Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Switzerland in recent weeks.

‘But small positive signals in some countries are tempered by sustained or increased levels of incidents in other countries, including in the UK, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.’

The British Government today announced a further 4,618 new cases and 861 more deaths, both increases on the previous day’s totals.

It brings Britain’s infection total past six figures, to 103,093 cases, while13,729 people have died 

Dr Kluge added: ‘The next few weeks will be critical for Europe.

‘Make no mistake – despite the spring weather, we are in the middle of a storm.’

Daily death tolls are still rising in many areas even with falling infection rates, due to the incubation period and time taken for the disease to take hold and infect somebody enough to be fatal.

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