‘Coronavirus WON’T ever be eradicated’- WHO’s 2 year COVID-19 claim dismissed by expert

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Dr David Nabarro, a special envoy on coronavirus to the World Health Organisation (WHO) dismissed recent claims by the head Tedros Adhanom. Mr Adhanom claimed the world would be completely over the coronavirus pandemic in under two years. However, while on Times Radio Dr Nabarro argued against this prediction and said humanity has rarely ever completely eliminated a virus.

Dr Nabbaro said: “We have to go on treating this virus as dangerous.

“We have to be on the lookout for all manner of difficulties associated with it.

“We just really can’t afford to let our guard down at all.”

The Times Radio host then pushed the Dr for a definitive response to the WHO’s claim.

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Mr Adhanom said the Spanish flu of 1918 had taken two years to overcome and the world is better equipped to deal with viruses due to the leaps forward in technology.

The Times Radio host said: “This likelihood of getting on top of it within two years time, what you are saying is that coronavirus is going to remain a threat even beyond two years.

“Are you saying we are just going to have to adapt to it?”

Dr Nabarro replied: “That is it, yep, our lifestyles, the way that we do business, the way that we travel and how we socialise will have to adapt.

“I think we will do it without us feeling it is a huge imposition, we will find ways to do it.”

The Times Radio host questioned whether this idea would change if a vaccine is found for COVID-19.

She said: “What if a vaccine is found, could that mean that we will finally conquer it or at least eradicate it in parts of the world?”

Dr Nabarro answered: “It is jolly hard to completely eradicate a virus.

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“The world has succeeded with one, small pox, but in general the process of removing a virus completely is a tough one.

“My own suggestion is that we see the vaccine when it does appear, and I think there will be several vaccines, as a tool to help the overall task of getting on top of this.

“But my current view is I don’t think we will get it eradicated.”

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