Cost of taking a bath set to soar by 90%

There’s few better ways to start or end the day than by luxuriating in a hot bath.

But you might want to have a rethink after a study showed the cost of taking a soak is to soar by 90 per cent this year.

Filling a bath will cost an annual average of £1,023 in 2023, up from £542.88 last year, Yorkshire Water estimates.

And rising fuel bills have seen the cost of other everyday household tasks rocket, researchers said.

Running a dishwasher cost £236.60 in 2022, up from £132.68 in 2021. And another £222.77 was spent by turning on the washing machine in 2022 – an annual increase of 95 per cent.

Even making a cuppa nearly doubled in price. It cost households £18.69 to boil kettles in 2022, up from £10.37 in 2021 –an 80 per cent rise, research shows.

And it’s only going to get worse. The company’s ‘tea pot index’ forecasts the cost of heating water will rise by an average of 18 per cent over the year.

However, you could save £700-a-year by halving shower times to four minutes and switching from three baths to five showers a week. And washing only full loads of laundry can reduce costs by up to £124-a-year, the company added.

‘Managing water use is a great way to keep bills down – especially when it comes to heating water,’ said Emily Brady, of Yorkshire Water.

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