Councillors claim spending cash on Jubilee would be ‘sickeningly offensive’ and ‘crass’

Crowds gather at Buckingham Palace for Platinum Jubilee

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The shocking remarks come as Glasgow City Council, which Labour lost to no overall control in 2017, faced criticism over a lack of major events planned to mark The Queen’s 70 years on the throne at the weekend. Councillor Leodhas Massie, of the Green Party, defended the authority’s decision, stating public money should instead be spent on tackling the cost of living crisis.

The councillor, who represents the Newlands and Auldburn ward, said: “To set aside even a penny of Glasgow City Council’s budget for this during a chronic cost of living crisis would be sickeningly offensive. You are free to celebrate this ‘tradition’ at your own expense if you feel like you want to.”

Official tributes to the Queen in the city will see schools having a Jubilee-themed menu and the council and Glasgow Cathedral hosting a service of worship on June 5, reports Glasgow Live.

Ricky Bell, SNP council deputy leader and city treasurer, said: “In the current financial restraints that Glasgow City faces, spending money on a Jubilee celebration would in my opinion be crass, I want to direct every penny we can to helping with the cost of living crisis.”

Green councillor Anthony Carroll said he would like to see Glasgow’s communities and their history celebrated more instead.

“We should be celebrating Glaswegians and our history. As a city we have proud moments. There is a lot we should promote more,” Cllr Carroll added.

Expressing his disapproval at the city’s lack of plans for the Jubilee, Conservative councillor Thomas Kerr said: “I am deeply disappointed that the SNP/Green Coalition in Glasgow have decided to snub Her Majesty.

“The Platinum Jubilee is a perfect occasion to celebrate our Majesty’s tireless dedication to our country and I will be proud to celebrate The Queen.

“Other Scottish towns and cities are rightly marking the jubilee but it seems the nationalists running Glasgow City Chambers have shown themselves up to be petty and mean-spirited.

“However, their refusal to mark the celebrations won’t stop Glaswegians from joining together to wish Her Majesty a fantastic historic Platinum Jubilee and celebrate her decades of dutiful public service to our country.”

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