Couple demand refund for Blackpool comedy gig tickets – because of war in Ukraine

BBC's Clive Myrie sheds tear as he reports from Ukraine

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Bosses at Comedy Station Comedy Club in Blackpool, Lancashire, were staggered at the request, in which the couple claimed it “was not safe for (them) to travel from Hull” due to the conflict in Ukraine. Ryan Gleeson, manager of the club, declined giving a refund, stating “Russia hasn’t invaded Hull yet” and pointed out the couple had been abusive to members of staff.

A full scale invasion was launched in Ukraine on Thursday morning after orders from President Vladimir Putin.

And the couple in Hull attempted to use this as an excuse to get money back from the gig, which is scheduled for Saturday.

Their initial email, seen by Hull Live, reads: “Due to events in Russia and Ukrayne [sic], it is not safe for us to travel from Hull as we are both retired.

“Due to this it’s safer we stay nearer to home until it is sorted.”

In an exchange with a Comedy Station Comedy Club staff member, the couple swear and demand to be called on their phone number.

They even ask the man if he “masturbates to a poster of Putin”.

But Mr Gleeson replied to refuse the refund.

He said: “Despite offering multiple resolutions to your problem, you persisted in calling [our staff member] a liar, swearing at him and asking if he ‘masturbates to a poster of Putin’, at which point he, quite rightly, advised you that he was not going to continue the conversation and gave you our email address.

“As mentioned, you are not entitled to a refund, simply because you live ‘nearer to Russia than we do’.”

Tweeting about the exchange, Comedy Station Comedy Club said: “We genuinely didn’t think we’d need to say this, but Russia moving troops into Ukraine does not entitle you to a refund, no matter how abusive you are to our Box Office staff.

“As far as we’re aware, Russia hasn’t invaded Hull yet.”

The post has been retweeted more than 2,300 times since Thursday afternoon.

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