COVID-19: 1.1 million in the UK recently reported having long COVID

1.1 million people in private households in the UK have reported having long COVID, latest estimates show.

The data from the Office for National Statistics defined the condition as symptoms that lasted more than four weeks and are self-reported, rather than clinically diagnosed.

Of the 1.1 million, 674,000 people were thought to have symptoms that affected their daily life, with 196,000 estimated to have their ability to undertake everyday tasks limited a lot.

The figures were reported over a four-week period to 6 March.

There is no universally agreed definition of long COVID, but it covers a broad range of symptoms such as fatigue, muscle pain, and difficulty concentrating.

The current estimate of numbers of sufferers is much higher than the last time figures were collated.

During the week commencing 22 November 2020, only around 186,000 people in England said they were living with long COVID symptoms – although those statistics related to people with symptoms lasting longer than five weeks, not four.

A report out last week revealed that seven in 10 people taken to hospital with COVID-19 have not fully recovered after five months.

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