COVID-19: UK coronavirus deaths surpass 80,000 with another 1,035 reported

The UK has now reported more than 80,000 coronavirus-related deaths, after another 1,035 were added to the total.

The total number of deaths within 28 days of a positive COVID-19 test now stands at 80,868.

Another 59,937 coronavirus cases have also been recorded, compared to the record 68,053 on Friday, when the highest number of deaths was also posted with 1,325.

As is the case with each update, it is important to note that deaths can occur days or even weeks before they are announced and added to the government’s data dashboard.

However, the seven-day average as of 9 January shows deaths are up 51.3% on the week before, while the number of people testing positive is up 22.1%.

There are growing fears that people have not been observing social distancing rules, as case numbers surge, hospitals become swamped and deaths continue to rise, with one in 50 people in England now thought to have COVID-19, according to the Office for National Statistics.

One top doctor has told Sky News that the NHS is “breaking” as a result of the increase in hospital admissions, and urged the public to adhere to the current restrictions.

Analysis by Sky News’ technology correspondent Rowland Manthorpe shows people are moving about more in this current lockdown, than they did in the first – with the public seemingly used to bending the rules to suit them.

The government has launched a new public awareness campaign in order to encourage Britons to stay at home and comply with lockdown rules.

Meanwhile, experts have said it is in the “public’s hands to take control” of the UK’s pandemic, urging them to “behave as if you’re trying to protect your brothers, your sisters, your parents and your friends”.

As the country is starting to see the effects of household mixing over Christmas and the emergence of the new variant of coronavirus, government officials and scientists are calling for individuals to take responsibility to help bring down cases.

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