Covid passports: How long will I have to use a Covid passport? PM attaches time limit

Vaccine passports: Vine caller says Boris Johnson is 'tyrannical'

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Covid passports could soon pave the way out of lockdown as the Government edges closer to developing the policy. Attitudes in Westminster are so far divided, however, with opposition growing by the day. In a bid to temper the growing dissent within his own party, Boris Johnson has made it conditional.

How long will you have to use a covid passport?

Covid passports exist as an idea at present, as ministers have not yet drawn up a full policy proposal.

Officials are calling the “Covid safety certificates” in the interim.

Speculation suggests they may take the form of an app, much like Test and Trace, which people can use when entering hospitality or entertainment venues.

Those taking up opposition fear the passports could unfairly infringe on civil liberties and have threatened to vote against them in Parliament.

The Prime Minister hopes to keep opponents at bay with a guaranteed time limit.

According to the Daily Telegraph, passport laws would include a “sunset clause” guaranteeing their fleeting existence.

A source told the publication they would become “explicitly temporary”.

Sunset clauses would give Parliament another opportunity to vote on the passports in the future.

However, the source didn’t reveal when the passports would expire.

Much like the other Covid rules, they will become less necessary as cases dwindle.

And the Government currently hopes to end all restrictions by June 23, meaning passports could cease to exist by then at the earliest.

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But ministers are facing trouble passing them into law in the first place.

Both Conservative and opposition MPs have voiced their opposition and could stop the policy in its tracks.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has announced he intends to have his party vote against the documents.

Speaking from Plymouth yesterday, he cited Government flip-flopping as a reason for his hesitation.

Sir Keir said: “We do not support the Government’s plans in their current form – it’s as simple as that.

“In fact, the Government’s plans seem to be changing on an almost daily basis.

“Only a few weeks ago, the Prime Minister was saying he was thinking of vaccine passports to go to the pub – now he says isn’t.

“One day he’s talking about tests, then it’s certificates. It’s a complete mess.”

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