Covid vaccine: Where is first Pfizer recipient one year on from jab?

91-year-old Margaret Keenan gets her Covid-19 booster vaccine

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Margaret, who turns 92 this month, made history 12 months ago as she was given the Pfizer/BioNTech jab. On December 8 last year, matron May Parsons gave the pensioner her injection at University Hospital, Coventry. The amazing moment provided hope for the UK as the country’s successful vaccine rollout was launched. But one year on from the first jab being administered, the pandemic has not gone away, and jabs are still being used as a vital tool against COVID-19.

In September, Margaret returned to the hospital in Coventry as she received her third injection.

The former jewellery shop assistant, who retired just five years ago, was among the first people to be given the booster jab.

She received her latest vaccine dose alongside May Parsons, who administered her first jab.

Originally from Enniskillen in Northern Ireland, Margaret has lived in Coventry for more than 60 years.

The mother-of-two, who has four grandchildren, said at the time she was “delighted” to get her booster before winter.

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She said: “I’m happier that I had the jab. I’m happy now that I can be free, it’s like the good old times.

“It was great to have May here, we have become a double act! It was such big news all around the world.

“Go and get the jab, it will save lives. I don’t really know what stops people from having it, because it’s so quick. Do go and get your vaccination.”

May also urged people to get vaccinated to help curb the spread of COVID-19, and spoke about being reunited with Margaret.

She said: “It was wonderful to see Maggie again, to see her looking well and to be able to give her a hug this time!

“Getting the booster is imperative if you want maximum protection this winter.

“Even if people are not doing it for themselves and are healthy and well, they are doing it for other people that are vulnerable.

“It is a community responsibility – I cannot say it loudly enough, get vaccinated and get protected.”

To date, just under 21million people have received their Covid booster dose in the UK, Government data shows.

The vaccination of Margaret and millions of others has taken on new significance in recent weeks amid an increase in Covid cases.

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A slow creep in infections saw some 53,945 new cases registered last Thursday – the highest 24-hour total since July.

At the same time, a highly infectious new variant of the virus called Omicron has taken hold throughout the UK.

A total of 437 cases of the variant have been detected across England, Scotland and Wales, the latest figures released on Tuesday show.

It is likely that Omicron can spread more easily than other variants, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office has said.

His spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister said it was too early to draw conclusions on the characteristics of Omicron, but early indications were that it is more transmissible than Delta.”

Downing Street said it was unclear what impact vaccines have on Omicron and whether infection with the variant is more severe than with other Covid strains.

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