Creepy Met PC keeps job after telling female suspect he wanted to 'search' her

A ‘terrified’ young mother was repeatedly harassed over the phone by a serving Met Police officer who made inappropriate remarks about her body – but he’s still kept his job.

PC Andrew Turner made the unwanted advances after illegally obtaining Marwa Mohammed’s phone number from a crime report she filed in 2020.

Sickened by the calls, the 28-year-old secretly recorded him saying he ‘really liked’ her and ‘would have loved to conduct a search’ on her in custody.

Turner was found guilty of gross misconduct and handed a final written warning by a disciplinary panel, which said his ‘inappropriate’ actions ‘fell far below the standards expected’.

But Ms Mohammed said she was ‘shocked’ to learn Turner had not been sacked and has even seen him out on patrol.

She also claims her complaints against him were not taken seriously by his colleagues until she revealed she had the recordings.

Ms Mohammed first encountered the officer when he attended an incident she had been involved in on June 8, 2020.

She said Turner began making inappropriate comments about her ‘shape, size and form’ before taking her to the police station where he asked intrusive questions about her plastic surgery.

Two weeks later, Ms Mohammed says she received an unexpected call from Turner on the pretence of ‘checking up on her’ and offering unwanted legal advice.

She said: ‘He proceeds to tell me, “this call is off record”, so I had my friend next to me and I muted my phone and said, “can you please record this because this doesn’t feel right?”’

Turner proceeded to make inappropriate remarks for the next few minutes, saying it would ‘be a shame for me if I didn’t bump into you around’.

Ms Mohammed said: ‘After a couple of minutes I go on to say, “why are you calling me?’ and he says that the call is completely off record and there’s not a lot of people he meets in his line of work that he wants to meet again. 

‘He then said he really likes me and given the chance he would have loved to conduct the search on me in custody.’

After ending the call, Ms Mohammed said Turner tried to call her a further six times.

She added: ‘On arrival at the police station, they did not take me seriously at the desk. I’m there saying I wanted to report a police officer. I basically was told to “f**k off”. 

‘I said I have the officer in question’s name and I have the recording. Then I was taken seriously. If I didn’t have that recording, no one would have believed me.’

Despite being handed a final warning, Ms Mohammed said the punishment is insufficient and she is terrified of being approached by him again.

She said: ‘To be fair I feel like I took it the furthest I could and even then I feel like I didn’t get any justice, seeing him out on patrol. 

‘My biggest fear now is to imagine being pulled over and it’s him. I don’t like being pulled over by men full stop anyway, when they do the random checks and so on. 

‘At this stage of life, If I’m being pulled over there should be a female officer present.’

This incident follows a string of disturbing cases to emerge from within the Met ranks following PC Wayne Couzen’s kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard in 2020.

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