Curry house in dead husband sighting know who mystery man is

Woman claims to spot dead husband in restaurant promo video

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The manager of the curry house at the centre of a row over the sighting of a mystery man who a widow thinks is her dead husband has said they know the identity of the man. Azizur Rahman last night rejected widow Lucy Watson’s claims that her son and ex-husband Harry Doherty appeared in a new Facebook promo video posted by Spice Cottage.

Ms Watson believes she spotted her late husband Mr Doherty, an award winning journalist, tucking into a curry at the establishment in Emsworth, Hampshire. She said she recognised him “instantly” and has “no doubt” it was him.

She also says her son was with her late husband in the clip, although he told the Mail he publicly rejected these suggestions.

Mr Doherty died in April 2014, aged 61. His last visit to the premises was New Years eve 2013.

But Rahman said the video was shot just under two weeks ago and confirmed the man in the video is a regular at Spice Cottage.

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Mr Rahman said: “I don’t know why she thinks she saw her husband in the video, it was taken the other day by me and my cousin.

“We filmed it on Friday the 13th of January this year. I saw the man she thinks is her husband come in to the restaurant, he was in his 40s or 50s.”

He also insisted the man wasn’t enjoying a curry with his son but a friend.

Mr Rahman added: “I don’t know his name but he comes in every two months or so. I think he was with his friend, not with a son.” 

Ms Watson’s explanation for her husband’s sighting is that the video was filmed a long time ago. 

She commented on the video, asking when it was filmed. Although the restaurant answered that it was taken “last week”, she has continued to insist it must be a montage of old clips.

Talking to The Sun, she noted how people in the promotional video seem to change, including a woman in a checked dress who “disappears” in the middle of the video.

She said: “It’s not the same thing all the way through, any idiot can see that.”

Ms Watson insisted she doesn’t think her husband is alive as she witnessed her husband’s death and saw his appearance change during his decline.

She said it must have been filmed way before the loss.

But Mr Rahman explained the men must just be doppelgangers because the curry house filmed the video over two sittings, which is why the video cuts out.

He said the restaurant promotes itself on Facebook with videos every month or on special occasions.

The manager also said he had never even seen Ms Watson before. 

Mr Doherty became seriously ill in the months leading up to his death. Before his death, Mr Doherty developed a successful journalism career.

He won awards for his coverage of The Troubles before becoming a music journalist, and was also friends with the band Queen’s Brian May. He wrote a book about the group.

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