Dad-to-be rolled off sofa and died 'in despair' at being furloughed

A furloughed dad-to-be was found dead following a night of drinking, days after he was asked to re-apply for his old job on a significantly lower salary, an opening inquest heard.

Dharmindera Kalyan, who worked as the director of a property management company, is said to have suffered ‘a significant amount of stress’ after being bereaved in December 2019, before being furloughed from his high-ranking job during the pandemic.

He was found dead by his pregnant wife after falling off the sofa in despair on July 16, a hearing in Reading, Berkshire was told on Wednesday.

Describing the circumstances of Mr Kalyan’s death, Assistant Berkshire coroner Alison McCormick said: ‘He had been bereaved in December 2019 and in the early parts of 2020, he was furloughed from his employment for the pandemic.

‘This caused him significant stress. He did not seek any medical attention for the stress he was suffering from.

‘In July this year, there was an incident in respect of which he was asked to re-apply for his job at a reduced pay rate, adding to his stress.’

Mr Kalyan, who lived in Maidenhead, bought ‘a bottle of alcohol’, before having a drink with his dinner and heading to bed at 9pm on July 15, Ms McCormick said. She did not specify how much he is believed to have consumed before going to sleep.

He is said to have slept until 9.45am the next morning. He did not want to go out that day and spent time asleep on the living room sofa.

Ms McCormick said: ‘At one point, he rolled off the sofa and was observed to be on the floor and soon after that, Ella his wife noticed that some features didn’t look right about him and unfortunately, he had passed away.’

The cause of death offered by the pathologist is alcohol intoxication and a fatty liver.

Ella’s father, who sat in the inquest opening, told the coroner his daughter had just had her baby, while she had lost her dog in recent weeks.

In an attempt to comfort him, Ms McCormick said: ‘A new life is a blessing.’

The hearing was adjourned for a full inquest to take place later.

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