Dad took son, 7, on Tesco shoplifting spree then bit guard's face when caught

A father has been jailed for attacking a security guard when he was caught stealing a crate of Peroni.

Liam Sproston, 34, took his seven-year-old son with him to Tesco in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, to carry out the theft.

When he was stopped by guard Andrew Parton he flew into a rage, biting his nose so hard that it had to be rebuilt.

Sproston’s son burst into tears when he saw him throw a plant pot at Mr Parton which missed and hit a shopper.

He shouted ‘f**king d**khead’ at the guard and when a witness went to console the boy he said: ‘You lot are a bunch of nonces – all f**king kiddie fiddlers’.

Prosecutor Haseeb Yousaf said: ‘He said he didn’t mean to steal the beer and thought it had been paid for.

‘He said during the scuffle with the group of staff he felt an erection pressed into his back and someone whispered in his ear “can you feel it?”.’

The boy said he did not want to leave the shop with his father so the police were called and he was arrested.

Sproston was jailed yesterday for 18 months following the incident on March 29 shortly after he picked his son up from the boy’s mum during an access visit.

He paid for some toys at the supermarket’s self-service checkout but failed to pay for beer, which is when he was approached by Mr Parton.

Describing the effects the attack on him, Mr Parton said: ‘Following what happened I couldn’t do everyday things such as picking the kids up from school and nipping to the shops. I’ve had to take small steps to get back to normality.

‘I’m now constantly nervous about interacting with customers and I’m constantly on edge about this man returning to the store. I’ve now been given roles where I don’t have to talk to customers.

‘I work night shifts now which has been impactful. This has had a massive impact on my children who are scared for my safety. I have to constantly ring them from work to let them know I’m okay. I’m considering changing the career I’ve done for 25 years.’

Judge Nicholas Clarke QC said: ‘[Mr Parton] had to take time off work and attend counselling and remains nervous and anxious about living his life as he did before. He’s apprehensive to leave his home. These are long lasting consequences.

‘People have the right to go to work and go about their business knowing that the court will punish anyone who acts as you do towards them.’

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