Dad’s terror as he saw wife and baby caught in earthquake on babycam

Turkey earthquake: Baby monitor shows moment the earthquake in Turkey hit

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A dad has told how his “blood froze” when he saw his wife and their baby daughter caught up in the Turkey earthquake from 535 miles away on the family’s babycam.

Having travelled to Turkey from their home in Hull last week, Lemi was in Istanbul at the time of the first quake, but his wife Victoria and their baby daughter Katelyn were in Adana, near the epicentre.

Powerless, the dad was forced to watch in horror on the baby monitor as the disaster unfolded.

Lemi was overcome by dread when he saw what was happening and immediately drove to the disaster zone to be with his family, reports Hull Live.

Describing what he saw, Lemi, who provides security for Hull FC’s owner, Acun Ilicali, said: “You hear a big bang. The baby wakes up and the dog was barking 10-15 seconds prior to it and Vicky wakes up and grabs Katelyn and runs downstairs.

“You can hear the whole building squeaking and that tapping noise. When you watch it your blood freezes.

“When I woke up at 7.30am (on February 6) my mother woke me up and explained the situation.

“I remained calm but when my wife sent me the video from the baby camera of what’s happened and how terrified she was I said, ‘I need to find a way to get to Adana'”.


Lemi hired a car and began the 12-hour drive, alarmed by the scenes of devastation he passed.

He said: “In three different locations, I witnessed incidents where 20-30 vehicles were crashed and there were bodies everywhere. It was terrible.”

Fortunately, he reached Adana safely and then took his wife and the grandparents to the city of Mersin where things are “slightly better”.

Lemi witnessed around 14 or 15 apartments in Adana that had fully collapsed.

He added: “Evacuation is not even a subject because once the building collapses they’re already in it and some of them are still under it. Some of them have been rescued.

“Some have been found dead. It’s still ongoing. It’s only been a day so the rescue is still ongoing.

“There are still many more apartments that have not been looked under.”

He, Victoria, and Katelyn are trying to stay warm and fed in their summer house in the Turkish port city of Mersin but it is far from comfortable and Lemi said they are “ready to leave if need be”.

He added: “Constantly there are ambulances and rescue services passing by. Some of the petrol stations have run out of fuel because people are panic buying.

“You can’t really get bread. Not many shops have got bread.

“According to the intelligence, with the contacts I have, they are switching the main petrol pipes off to protect from future earthquakes if that happens, which they predict will happen, so there won’t be any petrol for a while so everyone’s filling their tanks and panicking.

“Mersin is normally a summer place but right now it’s raining and it’s quite cold.

“Istanbul is snowing and the middle of Turkey is snowing. The weather conditions make it ten times worse.”

Lemi and Victoria plan to buy blankets, baby bodysuits, and nappies for victims of the earthquake once they have gathered a “decent amount of money”.

Friend Ellie Priestley from Kingswood in Hull, has set up a GoFundMe page on their behalf.

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