Danyal Hussein trial: Teen accused of murdering sisters made ‘diabolical agreement with demon’ to fulfil ‘twisted bargain’

A teenager accused of killing two sisters “brokered a diabolical agreement with a demon” in “a night of sacrifice”, a court heard.

Danyal Hussein, 19, became obsessed with winning the lottery and gaining sexual potency.

And the “ruthless” teenager “did not care what he had to do” to get what he wanted, the Old Bailey heard.

The “twisted bargain” was fulfiled through “blood offerings and sacrifice”, prosecutor Oliver Glasgow QC said.

Hussein allegedly stabbed Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, in Fryent Country Park, northwest London, in the early hours of June 6 last year.

He claims he made a pact with the devil to kill women in return for winning the Mega Millions Super Jackpot worth £321m.

But he also said he offered up his blood to a demon in exchange for a girl at his school finding him sexually attractive and falling in love with him.

Ms Henry and Ms Smallman had been at a birthday party in the park before Hussein launched his attack, it is alleged.

He dragged their bodies to a hedge before leaving them “carefully placed” in an entwined position, then clearing away their blood-soaked picnic blanket and cushions.

Addressing jurors during his closing speech, Mr Glasgow said: “For Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, Friday June 5 was supposed to be a celebration of life, a birthday party, a night where you reflect on the year you have had and look forward to the year that will be.

“For this defendant, however, the celebration he had planned was quite different.

“It was a night of sacrifice and violence…that would see part of his twisted bargain fulfilled and leave him looking forward to the riches he believed would soon come his way.”

Hussein has refused to give evidence or answer police questions.

He does not accept a “single piece of evidence” linking him to the murders.

Hussein cannot offer a “sensible answer” to the evidence against him, Mr Glasgow told the court.

The defendant’s blood and DNA were found on the murder weapon, at the crime scene and on the bodies.

“Every piece of evidence in this case points in only one direction and it is not to a mystery murderer,” Mr Glasgow said.

And the prosecutor urged jurors to be dispassionate when reaching their verdicts.

“It is hard not to be shocked by the behaviour of this defendant: someone who has brokered a diabolical agreement with a demon and has planned and executed the sacrifice of two women just so that he can win money,” Mr Glasgow added.

“But emotional reactions such as shock and sympathy or like and dislike play no part in the duty you have promised to perform.”

Danyal Hussein, of Blackheath, southeast London, has denied two counts of murder and possessing a knife.

The trial continues.

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