Darren Grimes rages at UK band ditching British Sea Power name over ‘crass nationalism’

Darren Grimes rages at band British Sea Power over name change

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Commentator Darren Grimes lashed out at indie band British Sea Power who announced this week they would be changing their name. While speaking on TalkRadio with Cristo Foufas, Mr Grimes admitted he did not understand the decision. He also mocked the band and questioned what they felt their name was doing before the name change.

Mr Grimes said: “British Sea Power have announced they are changing their name to simply Sea Power.

“They are doing this because they want to distance themselves or separate themselves from ‘the recent wave of crass nationalism’.

“They have been putting out albums for almost two decades and I can hear gasp after gasp from listeners who are thinking they haven’t heard of them.

“I think ultimately this band who have said they don’t want to be associated with ‘isolation, antagonistic, nationalism’, I’m just not sure what they thought the original name was doing.

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“I am flabbergasted by this.

“The original name in my head provokes images of the British beating the Spanish armada or the Napoleonic wars.”

After announcing the name change, the band explained their decision on their website.

In a statement, they said: “After much reflection and soul-searching, the band formerly known as British Sea Power have modified their name to simply Sea Power.

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“We’ve been British Sea Power for 20 years – an amazing 20 years, when we’ve been able to continually traverse the British Isles, to travel the world, encountering many friendly faces, not least in the band’s remarkable audience.

“But the name British Sea Power had come to feel constricting, like an ancient legacy we were carrying with us.”

They said the name’s origin was derived from the literal power of the oceans and was also a tongue-in-cheek echo of the historical past of “Britannia ruling the waves”.

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They added: “The idea of British sea power in the historical sense was an obsolete thing.

“It was now just the name of a rock band.

“Now, 20 years later, we’re recasting the name.

“In recent times there’s been a rise in a certain kind of nationalism in this world – an isolationist, antagonistic nationalism that we don’t want to run any risk of being confused with.”

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