David Fuller: ‘Distraught’ wife of killer who abused corpses in mortuaries says she left him after arrest

The wife of a hospital worker who murdered two women and sexually assaulted dozens of corpses has said she is “distraught” – and that she left him after his arrest.

Mala Fuller lived with David Fuller for 20 years in Heathfield, East Sussex, but moved out four months ago.

“I’m not with him. I couldn’t carry on in that relationship,” she told MailOnline.

“I’m too upset to even think about what was going on, I couldn’t live with it.

“You can’t imagine how distraught I am.”

She added: “I could not stay in that house knowing what he did and what went on in there. I wanted to be alone and want to live my life alone.”

Fuller has admitted killing Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, in separate attacks in Tunbridge Wells in 1987.

Shocking details have also emerged of how, over many years, he sexually assaulted dead bodies in hospital morgues.

Videos and notes detailing the necrophiliac’s crimes were discovered in his house after his arrest in December 2020.

Fuller has admitted to abusing nearly 80 corpses, but police believe there are many more victims and dozens of people have contacted a helpline since the shocking details emerged.

His victims ranged from a girl aged nine to a 100-year-old woman.

The 67-year-old worked as a hospital electrician and maintenance engineer, which gave him access to mortuaries.

He would abuse the bodies at times when the mortuary staff weren’t on shift.

One of his victims was Azra Kemal, 24.

Her mother Nevres told Sky News her daughter had been “violated” three times by Fuller – both before and after she had visited her in the mortuary.

The final assault lasted 35 minutes.

Fuller faces a mandatory life sentence but because he killed two victims, sexually attacked them and tried to conceal his crimes, he could be jailed for the rest of his life without chance of parole.

The NHS has ordered all health trusts to review mortuary access and post-mortem activities following the case.

Videos found at Fuller’s home showed him sexually assaulting corpses at two locations – the now-closed Kent and Sussex Hospital and the new Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust has launched an independent investigation.

However, a group of MPs has called for a public inquiry into how he could have carried out his crimes for so long without being detected.

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