Dementia-hit grandfather, 81, bruised after ‘10 police’ arrest him

An Alzheimer’s-stricken 81-year-old grandfather was left ‘confused and bruised’ after being arrested by police who called at the wrong address.

Bedfordshire officers are being criticised after they detained the pensioner in Potton at 5am on Friday on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker.

The force claimed he lashed out with a wooden club ‘similar to a rounders bat in size and shape’.

The arrest has outraged his family as the dementia-sufferer was pictured with a series of bloody gouges and huge bruises on his arms, which his granddaughter Kayla said left him needing consultation with a plastic surgeon.

She tweeted from her account @Kayla81434876: ‘My 81yr old grandad having been arrested because @BedsPolice got the wrong address at 3am. 

‘He was terrified, ill and it took 10 officers / 6 vehicles to arrest him. Maybe his heart attack gave him superpowers? He’s in the cells, confused and bruised trying to defend himself.’

Two officers had wrongly responded to the grandfather’s home, leading to the incident, with as many as 10 officers then appearing at the scene.

Police said an officer sustained a cut to the face in the assault and the pensioner was taken into custody for a brief period before being released under investigation. 

In one clip of the incident shared on TikTok, the grandfather’s son can he heard saying: ‘He’s already had two strokes, you’re not making this any better.’

He added: ‘He’s got stuff with his brain, he’s got Alzheimer’s, early stages of it. You’re just making it worse. You won’t look after him, he’s f****** petrified.

‘You’re literally not making it any better at all, and if he has a heart attack here, there will be consequences.

‘He’s already had two strokes. He’s got tablets, have a look at them – he’s got eight different tablets. You’re not making this any better.’

The arresting officer can also be heard on video conversing with the grandfather in the back of a police vehicle. 

She said: ‘Sir, I gave you plenty of opportunities to put it down, the reason the handcuffs went on is because you assaulted my colleague.

‘Regardless of age, you do not assault anybody, okay. Just because he’s 81-years-old… .’

The elderly man then asked who he assaulted and claimed he never touched anyone, with his son stressing he may not have remembered hitting out. 

His son went on: ‘You’ve got people staring at you thinking what a bunch of f****** idiots. You’ve got 10 coppers here and four vehicles arresting an 81-year-old who probably could have a stroke.’

The man’s visibly shaken father can be seen asking what he did wrong and insisting he was not a ‘criminal’.

When the arresting officer said the elderly man should not have brought his wooden bat outside, the son responded: ‘Well you shouldn’t be looking through his window scaring the bloody life out of him.’

Bedfordshire police said in a statement two uniformed officers responding to ‘reports of a disturbance in Potton at around 5am on Friday’ had ‘initially approached the wrong address by mistake’.

It added: ‘As they walked away from the property, they were approached in the street by a resident holding a wooden implement.

‘The two officers at the scene called for back-up and several other units attended for support. All these officers were in full uniform and in marked police vehicles.’

They also said one officer sustained a cut to her face trying to remove ‘the wooden implement from the resident’, adding the man was ‘taken into custody for a brief period’.

The Bedfordshire force’s Detective Chief Superintendent Julie Henderson said: ‘We understand the concerns regarding this incident and are carrying out our own internal review. 

‘We have also voluntarily referred ourselves to the Independent Office for Police Conduct for full openness and transparency and to ascertain if there is any learning to be taken forward.

‘Over the coming days the welfare of all those involved will be our primary concern.’

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