‘Demonic figure’ caught creeping through park in ghostly footage

The Rising: Sky spooks passers-by with ghostly apparition

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A dog walker and her husband encountered a ghostly “demonic” figure in one of the UK’s most haunted parks. Hannah Rowett, 52, and her husband, Dave, were out late at night walking their pet Labrador when a smoky presence lumbered across their path. The pub owner claimed she sprang into action and captured the figure on her phone before it disappeared, leading her to conclude they had “just seen a ghost”.

The couple’s spooky encounter in Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire, is claimed to be one of the UK’s most haunted sights.

The park serves as the grounds of Clumber House, which was demolished in 1938 following a series of fires, only leaving behind a Grade I listed chapel.

The National Trust location is open for public visits, but local legend stipulates that the “Grey Lady” is a permanent resident.

She is occasionally visible as a mist-clad figure on foggy days when people spot a figure appearing in a grey cloak.

Visitors who say they have spotted and walked towards her find that she fades into the background mist.

The clip shows a much different apparition, which Mrs Rowett described as a “demonic figure”.

She added that the figure appeared to crawl across the path on “long limbs”.

Mrs Rowett, who said she has “always sensed things”, first thought it was a dog before recognising a “human-type form”.

She said: “I took a photo, and as I did, it went across the camera.

“It’s quite demonic in the way it’s crawling and has long limbs. It never changes its form. If it was smoke, it would change.

“I followed it with my torch, watched it back, then turned to Dave and said, ‘I’ve just seen a ghost, and I’ve got it on camera’. I didn’t feel scared.”

She threaded a series of photos she captured of the figure into a video and posted the result on Facebook and Twitter.

The video has since received 2,000 comments on Facebook and 600 reactions, scaring viewers.

Mrs Rowett has long believed in ghosts and said she grew up in a house where she “regularly” saw a spectre of an old man.

Now she has convinced “paranormal sceptic” Mr Rowett that ghosts exist.

He said: “literally every hair from my feet to my head stood on end” and asked his wife to show him the video again.

Mr Rowett added that he “loved” it and now believes “there is something”.

The video didn’t convince everyone, with some die-hard sceptics questioning its contents online.

One, commenting on Facebook, said: “It’s just smoke I think.”

Another blamed the weather, stating it was “cold” and someone had “breathed in and let out some steam”.

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