Desperate mum living in fear ‘damp and mouldy home’ could collapse any minute

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Linda Richards, 60, claims she has been in a fight with Magenta Living, which owns her property, for five years over the problems in her home. The mum said the moisture in her bungalow is so bad she feels like she has had a shower and not dried off properly every time she gets into bed.

Linda, who often has hives and headaches in addition to mobility challenges, claims: “There is green mould growing on the floor of the bedroom and the tiles in the kitchen have begun to lift because of the moisture and weed branches growing under the bungalow.

“I have raised this with Magenta before and have been fighting for a redecoration budget since I moved in five years ago.

“I don’t want to leave here, it breaks my heart, I love the area and my neighbours, but I have asked Magenta to rehouse me elsewhere or swap me with vacant homes close to me because the damp is bringing me out in hives, I get headaches and have breathing problems but they have refused – the communication has completely broken down.”

Linda believes the outer wall of the bungalow in Wallasey, Merseyside, may fall in on her due to the build up of damp.

Magenta Living told Liverpool Echo it intends to help the woman solve the issues.

A spokesperson for the housing association said: “Following contact by Ms Richards about conditions within her home, Magenta Living has previously attended the property to inspect her issues of concern.

“The Property Surveyor noted that there were issues with the kitchen floor tiles but the offer of having the floor repaired was unfortunately refused.

“No other remedial work was highlighted as needing to be carried out at that time.

“However, Magenta Living will now again liaise with Ms Richards to arrange a further inspection of her home and we will assure her that we will arrange for our contractors to carry out any repairs identified as being necessary.

“We will also offer advice about her rehousing options.”

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