Desperate owners race to fund life-saving £12k surgery for rescue pup

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A desperate family are facing a £12,000 bill to save their beloved dog’s life after he collapsed on a walk.

Norman the one-year-old Mastiff X puppy was rescued by owners Sarah Mapp and her husband, Michael, last year. The pup was severely malnourished when he was adopted by the couple, who live in Cannock, with their three children. 

After rescuing the family pet and helping him flourish into a “playful puppy”, Norman’s owners were distraught when he collapsed on a walk leading to a devastating diagnosis.

Sarah said: “A couple of weeks ago, Norman began collapsing on walks, stumbling and dragging his paws and it was then when he was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia.

“We were given two options – either an operation to replace both hips at an estimated cost of around £12000 (not taking into account potential complications) or he would need to be put to sleep because he was suffering.

“We were devastated, and our children were heartbroken. We left the vets thinking our only option was to send him to rainbow bridge as we did not have that kind of money.

“Our insurance will only cover up to £6,000. Our friends, who have followed Norman’s journey suggested a GoFundMe, which we reluctantly started as we don’t want to lose such a precious boy.”

Sarah has launched a GoFundMe campaign to try and raise the £6,000 needed for Norman’s treatment, without which he will die.

Vets say the pup’s only hope of survival is to have a hip replacement at a specialist animal hospital in Liverpool.

Sarah said: “We are not at target yet but we are hopeful we can begin at least the first operation and continue to fundraise during his recovery from the first op.

“We are also hoping to raise enough to send him to hydrotherapy afterwards to help him gain much needed muscle in his back legs.

“It had been difficult watching him struggle. He is desperate to do zoomies around the garden but he just falls over.

“If we can get him the operations he needs, there is no reason why he shouldn’t live a long, full, happy life, with us by his side every step of the way.”

When Norman was first rescued, he “was in a terrible state”. Sarah said: “He was very malnourished and weak and only weighed 10kg, when he should have weighed 45kg! Since then, he has come on leaps and bounds and gained 14kg.

“He had experienced very little human interaction, was not trained in any way and had no idea how to play. We persevered and he is now a playful puppy, he loves to go on walks and sniff things – we hope to take him hiking with us once he’s recovered from his op.

“He’s made lots of new dog friends and even has a best friend – his big brother Barry. He is a real character – he’s so dopey but he’s a loveable boy who’s happiest place is with his head on your lap, snoring like an old man. Considering his poor start in life, he has a really lovely temperament.

“He’s a super boy who deserves more than he has had so far in life. He is a loveable lump.”

For more information about Norman, and to donate to his cause, visit his gofundme page here. 

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