Devastated caller says he has 12 months to live as docs refused face-to-face appointment

Man's cancer was missed after misdiagnosis from GP

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Nick from Northamptonshire told Mr Vine on Wednesday how Covid social distancing rules and a backlog of patients on GP lists saw him continually refused a face-to-face appointment to inspect an area of concern. He explained how after pleading with doctors to see him for a face-to-face appointment he was delivered the earth-shattering news that he only has 12-months to live after being diagnosed with inoperable cancer.

Nick explained how when he rang up his doctor for an appointment he was “categorically refused” an appointment and told to take a photograph of the area of concern and send it in to be examined.

But as Nick was about to explain what happened next he broke down in tears as it all became too much as he recounted how the next series of events were a rollercoaster for his emotions.

He explained how initially to his delight the doctors rang back saying the skin mark was an infection and he was told to take antibiotics.

But he said how several weeks later his wife noticed how the supposed infection had got worse and urged him to ring the doctor again.

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He said: “I rang the doctor again to be categorically told the doctors wouldn’t see me.”

The caller said how at this point he pleaded with doctors, insisting how he had been double jabbed and promising to wear a mask – he even said he would wear rubber gloves in order to get a face-to-face appointment.

A clearly emotional Nick added how they agreed to see him where he had a biopsy done.

But to Nick’s sheer horror he was told the biopsy showed he had cancer.

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Nick said how he was then referred to Leicester Royal Infirmary where doctors delivered the tragic news that because of the delay’s brought about by Covid, the cancer was, tragically, now inoperable.

Nick could then be heard choking up as he revealed that doctors then delivered the earth-shattering prognosis that he only had 12-months to live unless he had therapy.

In tears, he said how he decided to take up the option of therapy but is “in terrible pain”.

He added how the delay and his treatment “is just disgraceful”.

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He added: “If the doctor had been able to see me back in February I am sure they would have been able to operate and remove it.”

The devastated caller then revealed how since his heartbreaking diagnoses he has shown the photograph he took at the beginning of his saga to medical professionals.

In a horrific admission, he said “none of them can believe that I wasn’t referred directly to dermatology to have it inspected”.

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