Devastating explosion rocks Channel island Jersey – smoke fills sky

Moscow: Huge explosion as fire spreads through shopping centre

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Jersey Police have cordoned off a large section of the island’s capital, St Helier, following an explosion near a property just before 4 a.m. The explosion was reportedly heard across the island, as large plume of dark smoke rose from the area of Mount Bingham. Eyewitnesses says windows at properties around the fire were shattered by the explosion. 

Local police has urged residents to stay clear from the area surrounding Mount Bingham: “We are currently dealing with an incident on Pier Road, St Helier. As a result, Pier Road, Pier Road car park and South Hill are closed at this time. We advise members of the public to avoid the area at this time”.

According to local media, emergency services are working on the scene to contain the explosion. Debris is strewn around the area, including commercial buildings. Jersey Police is diverting traffic.

Islanders reportedly heard a loud bang in the early hours of the morning just before 4 am today. 

Pier Road, Pier Road car park, and South Hill are closed as the police investigate the incident.


Housing Minister Deputy David Warr says the explosion was at an Andium property and has appealed for offers of temporary accommodation.

He tweeted: “There has been a major explosion on Pier road in one of [email protected] flats. Emergency services are on-site and town hall is taking in walking wounded. Thoughts with those families affected at this time. We will need temp accommodation. Please get in touch if you can help.”

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