Diana would be ‘devastated’ by Harry’s actions towards William

Prince Harry labelled ‘petulant and privileged’ by Paul Burrell

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A number of revelations were made in the bombshell autobiography including accounts of fierce rivalry with Prince William, accusing Camilla of lying with the “devil”, and the number of people he killed while in the military. Mr Burrell, 64, worked for Queen Elizabeth for 11 years and was Princess Diana’s butler for a decade.

Paul accused Harry of having double standards when it comes to his actions compared to other people’s.

Mr Burrell pointed out the Duke of Sussex’s support for discussing mental health issues and then discussing people in his book in a derogatory manner including his matron from school who he said was very ugly.

GB News host Mr Wootton stated that the memoirs comments “show a really vile and nasty side to his character” which “is anything but compassionate”.

The former royal staffer claimed: “His mother would say, ‘Shhh Harry, be quiet,’ I heard her say that so many times.

“She would be devastated. Harry is wrong. Harry is viewing this through the eyes of an eleven-year-old boy whose heart broke when his mother died.

“She would say, ‘Harry be quiet because you’ve done enough damage. Your job was to support your brother on his way to be King and to be there for him’.

“That is what Diana thought, she thought that Harry would always be there for William…and that’s not going to be the case.”

While Mr Burrell feels qualified after working alongside Diana in her adult years to be confident in how she would react, her youngest son believes otherwise.

Harry told Good Morning America that he believed his mother “would be sad” about the divide between himself and William but would understand that “there are certain things we need to go through to be able to heal the relationship”.

Mr Burrell accused Harry of trying to have “everything his own way” with the memoir and interviews.

He added: “The Queen didn’t pin the royal Victorian medal to my chest and say to me, ‘Paul, this is from me and Diana for your loyal service’ for nothing.

“I stood beside the Queen for 11 years and Diana for 10, I remain devoted to them. I am very saddened by Harry’s actions. I am saddened by the path he is taking.”

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In the memoir, the father-of-two lashed out at Mr Burrell saying that he made his “blood boil” when he released his book ‘A Royal Duty’ in 2003.

The Prince also accused the former butler of “milking” and profiting from Diana’s tragic death.

Express.co.uk has contacted the Sussexes for comment.

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