Diane Abbott faces left-wing attack for speaking out about University support for sex work

Keir Starmer 'needs to listen to his party more' says Diane Abbott

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The outspoken MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington claimed the University of Durham should have nothing to do with the industry. She also labelled the course as “horrific” and should not be offered as alleged training. In a tweet on Friday afternoon, she said: “Horrific that Durham University is offering training to students who want to be sex workers part-time.

“Sex work is degrading, dangerous and exploitative.

“Uni should have nothing to do with it.”

Despite Ms Abbott’s criticism for the programme, Durham University is not offering training to work in the adult industry but rather offering advice for those alreading working in the industry.

In response, Adam Smith said: “Despite the headline, the Uni is offering support for students not ‘training’ them because sex work is as legitimate labour as any other kind of work.”

Oliver Webber said: “Read the article, not the headline – this is not what’s happening.”

Another user said, simply named Shaun said: “Don’t fall for the ridiculous headline.

“They’re offering support.”

Another user, named Rob said: “Wrong on this one, Diane.

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“It’s safety support for those who are already sex workers.

“It’s not training anyone to be a sex worker.”

Declan Merrington added: “Diane, this article is wrong.

“We are not offering training for students ‘who want to be sex workers’.

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“We are directing sex workers where to go if they experience violence and to know their rights.”

Two sessions have been held by Durham University for those students who are involved in the adult sex industry.

In its synopsis for the course, it says: “Student sex workers should not face any barriers to accessing support which is well informed and free from prejudice.

“The SU position on students in sex worker are clear: support informed advice, de-stigmatisation and collaboration with expert organisations.

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“We are happy to announce an important part of the work towards our goals, implemented by the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and response team in coordination with North East Sex Work forum and Student Sex Workers.”

The university has claimed the training was important to ensure students can make informed choices.

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