‘Divisive in US and UK’ Harry and Meghan sent urgent warning as ‘commercial value’ at risk

Prince Harry mocked by Alito for commenting on Roe v Wade

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Richard Palmer, the Daily Express’s Royal Correspondent, also questioned whether the royal couple’s political interventions could damage their brand on the other side of the Atlantic. Harry appeared to criticise the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v Wade decision during a speech to the United Nations general assembly on July 18.

Lamenting “a painful year in a painful decade”, he referenced the war in Ukraine and “the rolling back of constitutional rights here in the United States”, in an apparent reference to Roe v Wade.

In response, US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who authored the decision, mocked Harry during a conference on religious liberty in Rome hosted by the University of Notre Dame Law School in which he mockingly said he had been “wounded” when Harry “seemed to compare the decision whose name may not be spoken with the Russian attack on Ukraine”.

Richard Palmer, the Daily Express’s Royal Correspondent, tweeted Express.co.uk’s story on the subject, published on Friday.

He said: “Further evidence that Harry and Meghan are now as divisive in the US as they are in the UK.

“Will this affect the commercial value of their brand?”

During the course of his speech, the judge also took a swipe at outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has called the Roe v Wade decision “a backward step”.

Justice Alito said: “I had the honour this term of writing I think the only Supreme Court decision in the history of that institution that has been lambasted by a whole string of foreign leaders who felt perfectly fine commenting on American law.

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“One of these was former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but he paid the price.”

The court, which is America’s top judicial body, has a 6-3 conservative majority that has boldly asserted its power in the abortion ruling and other recent cases.

Opinion polls have shown a drop in public approval of the court in the wake of the abortion ruling, which capped its blockbuster term that ended last month.

Asked about Harry’s UN speech, royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti told Express.co.uk: “There are rumours that Megan has political ambitions.

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“That may be one of the things she is considering during her life is a political career in America, possibly even trying to become the president.”

He added: “And I think that carefully thought out and carefully made speeches and political topics from her and her husband could lay the groundwork or even test the ground for whether or not that’s a smart thing to do.

“So, he spoke about in that speech abortion rights in America and a threat to democracy.

“And I think that those are two things which within her political circles will have gone down.”

In general, Harry and Meghan have become increasingly vocal in recent years, and especially since their move to the United States.

Prior to the US Presidential election in 2020, the pair raised eyebrows after releasing a video encouraging people to vote, which some critics suggested amounted to a tacit endorsement of Democrat candidate Joe Biden, the eventual winner.

Commenting at the time, Robert Oulds, director of the Bruges Group think tank, said: “The latest video by Harry and Meghan, ostensibly urging people to vote in the forthcoming US presidential election, is naked campaigning for the Democrat Party.”

He added: “These woke warriors have breached protocol by interfering in an election.

“The House of Windsor should act swiftly, stripping Harry and Meghan of their royal titles.”

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