Djokovic’s expulsion would be at odds with ‘integrity and reputation’, says expert

Djokovic's expulsion would 'undermine' Commonwealth says expert

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A Serbian-born American journalist revealed that Novak Djokovic came within a whisker of getting arrested by the Australian authorities yesterday, but such a decision would have seriously clashed with the democracy in the country. Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer reiterated that any potential expulsion would compromise with the integrity of the Commonwealth and “undermine” the Queen’s moral values. Tennis superstar Djokovic’s hopes of competing at the Australian Open were given an early boost yesterday when he successfully won his legal court battle, by overturning an appeal against his visa cancellation.

But the 20-time Grand Slam winner’s joy was short-lived with his ordeal taking another twist for the worst hours later, when the Australian police discovered that he wrongly filled out a travel declaration form.

Mr Djokovic reportedly ticked the ‘No’ box under the question if he had travelled to other countries in the 14 days leading up to his arrival in Australia.

The serial winner and reigning Australian Open champion finds himself in hot water and at risk of being deported at the eleventh hour if it the Australian authorities can prove that he lied on his travel forms after it emerged that he spent time in both his homeland Serbia and Spain before jetting off to Melbourne where the troubles began.

Talking to GB News, Mrs Pavlovic-McAteer said that any decision to send Mr Djokovic packing is temporarily delayed but the Serbian still risks having to wave goodbye to his dream of becoming the most decorated player in the world by winning Grand Slam number 21.


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But the Australian government is in two minds about such an opinion-splitting decision as they don’t want to be looked at as the “bad guys” with a “fake democracy” in place.

She said: “They are waiting for the final decision.

“Yesterday Novak Djokovic was once step from getting arrested by the Australian government who at the last minute decided to wait and see if they are gonna make this highly contentious political decision to expel the best tennis player in the world from the country.

“They were coming to arrest him but if they did this they would have shown to the whole world that they are the bad guys.

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“And it would be a politically damaging decision for the Australian government who claims to be democratic.

“f they do this they are a fake democracy.

“If they do so they’re going to undermine the integrity and reputation of the Commonwealth and everything the British Queen stands and stood for the last decades when it comes to democratic values.

Should the way eventually be paved for Mr Djokovic to play, Mrs Pavlovic-McAteer is confident that her coutryman will transform his recent fiascos into positive energy and use it as a motivation to go the distance because he is “mentally strong”.


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She said: “He is mentally an extremely strong individual and I believe this is going to motivate him even further if he is allowed to stay to win the Championship.

“He will show the whole world who he is as a human being.”

She then urged people to look beyond the world-class player he undoubtedly is, as the man behind the star strikes a chord.

She added:“He won Wimbledon multiple times and was awarded for his achievements by Prince William.

“So he is someone who not only is the best tennis player in the world and an athlete but he is also an extremely good human being, good person.

“He is doing a lot for charity, not only in Serbia but worldwide.”

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