Dog camera catches what mischievous golden retrievers get up to when home alone

Camera catches mischievous golden retrievers climbing over gates

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A stunned owner couldn’t understand how his golden retrievers had ended up sprawled out on his bed despite being seemingly fenced off downstairs by two baby gates. But this hilarious footage has the chaotic answer. The camera was set up above the office desk, with a view of the kitchen, containing chief trouble maker, three-year-old golden, Maggie, separating her from the hallway, where Olive, five, lay snoozing.

She made incredibly light work of the barrier – and it looked like it wasn’t the first time she’d done it, either. Sensible older sister Olive remained in her spot, as if to say: “I’m not getting into trouble with dad because of you.”

But the brains of the operation Maggie ignores her advice and effortlessly flicks open a second baby gate to the stairs with zero effort, before casually making her way up the stairs. Olive gets up as if to try and stop her, and her tail droops as she realises she’s going to have to follow Maggie to make sure she doesn’t get into too much mischief.

Their owner found both retrievers snuggled up on his bed when he returned home – but the mystery as to how they’d got there had been solved, thanks to the comical footage.

Another golden retriever duo that had viewers giggling recently was Gamja and Chip, from Orange County, California, US.

Posted on the TikTok account @gamjamypotato, the saga sees little puppy Chip trying to get hold of his older brother’s chew toy – despite already eating his own. 

The argument quickly descended into a game of tug of war with the pair sharing the treat between them, much to Gamja’s disapproval. 

In another video one-year-old golden, Remmie, doesn’t have a sibling to cause chaos with, so tried to befriend a robot vacuum cleaner instead.

The beautiful dog was doing everything in her power to initiate a game, but couldn’t work out why her playfulness wasn’t reciprocated. 

After the clip circulated on TikTok, viewers called for the dog’s owner, Aubry TeBos, to get another dog to keep her company.

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