Dog gets absolutely baked after eating space cake he found in park

A dog owner has released a video of her pet stoned out of his mind as a warning to other animal lovers.

Sarah Eccles took Billy, six, for a walk near their home in Leyland, Lancashire, at the weekend, with no idea what he was about to discover.

During the walk, the cavachon – a King Charles cavalier and bichon frise cross – stumbled upon a pile of discarded cookies.

Billy had already eaten one of the treats before Sarah noticed what he was doing.

It wasn’t until the pair got home and Billy began acting suspiciously that mum-of-two Sarah realised the cookies may have been laced.

She filmed as her dog started swaying back and forth while sat on the floor, his eyes bloodshot and sunken.

Within two hours, Billy’s condition took a turn and he started having fits, unable to hold his body weight up.

Billy was rushed to the vets for emergency treatment and by the time vet Sian Smith saw him he had lost control of his bladder, was suffering from tremors and his heart rate had slowed dramatically.

He was given an injection to make him vomit and had an IV line inserted to ensure he did not become dehydrated.

Under the close watch of vets at Myerscough Veterinary Group overnight, Billy luckily made a full recovery.

Teacher Sarah said she wants other dog owners to spot the warning signs that an animal may have eaten a weed cake.

She said: ‘It was very frightening to see the effects of the cannabis on Billy.

‘He began by twitching and fitting. He couldn’t stand up and even when he was sat on the vinyl flooring in the vets, his legs just splayed out.

‘To other pet owners, just be vigilant. If unsure, seek medical advice immediately.

‘The vet warned us that had we left it to linger, it had been over four hours since he had eaten the cannabis when we sought help, the outcome may have been very different.’

Vet Sian said: ‘Cannabis can be really harmful to dogs and with baked goods, chocolate is toxic to them as well, so we would always advise owners to seek immediate medical attention.

‘Treatment very much depends on how much they’ve eaten – and how long ago since they ate it.

‘It’s important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.’

On Monday, Sarah said Billy had started eating again normally and was chasing his ball in the garden once again.

‘That’s when you know he’s feeling better,’ she said.

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